Oris Ltd is part of the Van Hessen group. Founded in 1902, Van Hessen BV and its affiliates are market leaders in the distribution of casings to the sausage industry. The group sells natural casings to sausage makers around the globe and also distributes artificial casings in the Benelux. The group maintains offices and operates factories in The Netherlands, The United States, The United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Mexico, China, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Poland and Australia. Additionally, Van Hessen does business in numerous other countries across the globe, including Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Japan and Russia. Our group is constantly innovating and exploring new ways to supply their products to sausage makers worldwide and maximise sausage makers’ production efficiency.

Oris has much to offer to the sausage manufacturer and we believe a visit from our sales team to discuss your particular needs will be the start of a mutually beneficial relationship.


Oris Ltd is the market leader for supplies of a comprehensive range of graded and calibrated natural casings to the sausage manufacturing industry in the UK.

Since the 1930´s, Oris' emphasis has always been on product quality and service, working closely with the customers to ensure that their needs are understood and fulfilled.

The raw materials for our high quality, lamb, hog and beef casings are sourced from processing plants throughout the UK and Ireland with supplementary goods from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North & South America.